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How Would You Like to Upgrade Your Home Entertainment Space with a PREMIUM In-Wall Sound System. . .

. . .AND Get it Installed for FREE?!?!?!?!


AFTER You Visit Our Store??!!

If you live near the Delaware, Philadelphia, or New Jersey areas, and are interested in putting together a fantastic Home Stereo Entertainment System at a great price, then apply for your FREE VIRTUAL Strategy Session NOW while this limited offer is still available.

What You Will Get

The Sonance Concealed TV Audio System

Powered By Sonos® – Paintable White

Bring your television audio to life without compromising the beauty of your room. The Sonance Concealed TV Audio System allows you to enjoy premium television audio while hiding the electronics and wiring in the wall and behind the TV. This system includes two in-wall speakers to provide clear, dynamic sound. The in-wall power kit allows you to bring power to the entire system without calling an electrician. A metal back box is included to hold the in-wall power kit, Sonos AMP®, and system electronics with extra room for streaming video devices like Apple TV® or Roku®.

These speakers are beautiful, and they go right inside your walls. And they come with paintable grilles so that they can blend into your room and practically disappear.

Enhance your home audio with this INCLUDED Sonos Amp Class D amplifier. Its 125W of power per channel lets you enjoy high-resolution sound from your bookshelf speakers, TV and other passive components, and Wi-Fi connectivity supports multiroom setups and wireless streaming via AirPlay and the Sonos app.

The backbox was designed to not only house the Sonos Amp but also other devices you may like to integrate into your system such as a wireless transmitter for your subwoofer or an Apple TV.

Also included is a power kit that hides all of your cables and gets everything connected while giving you that clean and invisible finish.

How Much it Costs

The Sonance Concealed TV Audio System



This entire kit is normally priced at $2999.98; however, for a limited time, we are selling it for $1,999.98. That is a savings of $1,000.00! And the best part is, you won’t even be asked to pay for it online. You can schedule a virtual consultation with me to discuss this further, and then we can also schedule an in-person consultation at the store in Tax-Free Delaware while still practicing social distancing.

***Please note, a mask will be required for any in-person meetings.


When you act today, I will throw in some Incredible Bonuses you cannot get anywhere else:

Free Installation

For a limited time, we are offering FREE Installation when you book a free consultation with me. 

Subwoofer Discount

SAVE 15% on any Sonance Cabinet Subwoofer when you purchase it with this package and save potentially hundreds of additional dollars!!!

Free Wireless Transmitter

When you purchase a subwoofer in this package, we are also including a free wireless transmitter. 

MSRP: $109.98 – $199.98, depending on the subwoofer, but yours free.

How it Works

Here is a quick explanation of how the entire process works.

Free Virtual Consultation

First, we will set up a free virtual consultation in order to get a better understanding of your space. Performing this consultation virtually will also help with social distancing. During this call, we will answer any questions you may have.

In-Store Meeting

You will then be invited over to our store located in Tax-Free Delaware, where you will be able to demo a Sonance sound system while also exploring our Home Entertainment showrooms. 

Sonance Concealed Sound Package

Then we’ll go over the specific Concealed Sound package you desire. Do you just want the base package, or do you also want to purchase a subwoofer and wireless transmitter? This is where you let us know what you want.

Sonance Catalogue

While you’re visiting, we’ll also explore other products from the Sonance catalogue to inspire you with ideas you may not have thought of previously. Have you considered implementing an outdoor audio system in your yard? With Sonance, you can do just that.

Purchase Your System

After you have chosen what products you would like to incorporate into your system, that is when we will process payment. Up to 24 Months with No-Interest financing is available to those who qualify. This is a fantastic way for you to manage your finances throughout the Holidays.

Proposal + Scope of Work

Detailed documentation is put together that spells out exactly how your project will be carried out before any work is performed. That way, all parties will know what needs to be done in order for a successful outcome to take place. Once you sign the documentation and make payment, we will be able to schedule your free install. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

Do You Offer Free Shipping?2020-10-16T01:31:13+00:00

We can ship product; however, if you live outside of Delaware, then we will need to charge sales Tax.

When will my project be installed?2020-10-16T01:36:36+00:00

Installation dates are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. The sooner you schedule your free consult, select your system, make payment, and sign the scope of work, the sooner we will be able to get you scheduled.

Where are you located?2020-10-16T23:46:57+00:00

We are located in Tax-Free Delaware at a major electronics store.

What is Sonance?2020-10-16T01:53:10+00:00

Sonance company came to life in 1983 when founders Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer recognized the need for a groundbreaking new audio solution. They birthed the architectural speaker category and are considered to be one of the most respected brands in the audio industry.

Do you have a Covid-19 Policy?2020-10-16T01:54:52+00:00

Absolutely. We perform many consultations virtually. If there is a need to meet in person, then we have a strict policy that consists of masks, social distancing, hand sanitizer, and gloves. All employees go through a temperature and health-and-safety check daily. During installations, social distancing is maintained, work areas are blocked off, and surfaces are sprayed down with disinfectant. Your safety is our greatest concern.

What areas do you service?2020-10-16T23:45:30+00:00

Even though we welcome anyone and everyone to come shop at our location in Wilmington, Delaware, we only carry out installs in areas within 50 miles of us for now. For that reason, we cater mostly to the Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey Areas. Regardless, if you live within 50 miles of us, your area will most likely be serviceable.

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