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How Would You Like to Have a Home Entertainment Space FULLY Designed and Built Without You Having to Move Out or Buy a New Home?!?!?!

Apply for your FREE VIRTUAL Consultation now If you are interested in putting together a Home Entertainment System consisting of areas like Home Theater, Audio Listening Rooms, Multi-Room Audio, Stronger Networking, Outdoor Audio, Lighting/Shades, & Control/Automation.

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What You Will Learn During this Free Consultation:

Apply for the Free VIRTUAL Consultation


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Apply for the Free VIRTUAL Consultation


Ballroom Testimonial

Our client hired us to transform his Ballroom. We mounted a massive 85″ flat panel television ten feet high off the ground. When it came to audio, it was important that the audio matched the elegance of the ballroom, so we installed eight pendant speakers by Sonance on the ceiling. These speakers are massive, and the give incredible coverage of sound. We also installed a massive Sonance subwoofer onto the wall so that the room could be livened up with powerful bass. Since it was important for our clients to be able to control the system with their phones, we also installed a robust network. We housed all of the gear into a rack so that it could be easily accessed and be kept secure.

Apply for the Free VIRTUAL Consultation

How it Works

Here is a quick explanation of how the entire process works.

Free Virtual Consultation

First, we will set up a free virtual consultation in order to get a better understanding of your space. Performing this consultation virtually will also help with social distancing. During this call, we will answer any questions you may have.

In-Store Meeting

You will then be invited over to our store located in Tax-Free Delaware, where you will be able to demo our various Home Entertainment System options and state-of-the-art showrooms.

Purchase Your System

After you have chosen what products you would like to incorporate into your system, that is when we will process payment. Up to 24 Months with No-Interest financing is available to those who qualify. This is a fantastic way for you to manage your finances throughout the Holidays.

Proposal + Scope of Work

Detailed documentation is put together that spells out exactly how your project will be carried out before any work is performed. That way, all parties will know what needs to be done in order for a successful outcome to take place. Once you sign the documentation and make payment, we will be able to schedule your install. 

Apply for the Free VIRTUAL Consultation

Feel free to either email us or call us for any questions you my have that weren’t answered on this page.

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